Today's Journal


Once you have a franchise position with Swing Therapy (see Journal entries for the previous two days) and have paid your initial fee and become a qualified dealer, you can then start your own Upswing. This is basically a multi-level pyramid plan where every sale, and person you sign up to sell swings, allows for a percentage to go to the one highest to the top of the pyramid—or Upswing.

After the very nominal investment of $2999.99 to become a franchised dealer, you can begin to recruit your own sales network. Each basic swing will sell for $999.99, plus shipping and handling, with $200.00 going to the company owner (me) and $799.99 to the franchisee. This is the cost breakdown of the swing for Swing Therapy. But wait, there is even more. For additional bargain rates the swing seats and ropes can have various upgrades and customizations which give the franchisee and the company (me) more profits. For example, the seats can be painted any color (pink is a favorite), padded with various fabrics, engraved name tags, decorative ribbons, reflectors, fringes, borders, buttons; and in development: a battery pack flashing light mounted under the seat! Also on the drawing board: heated seats with battery pack for cold weather.

We must remember that the purpose of the whole project is Swing Therapy and any addition to the swing that helps to promote better therapy is important. It is also important to remember that the swings and Swing Therapy have not been approved by the Federal Drug Administration, American Medical Association, American Psychiatrists Association, American Psychologists Association, or any other association. Any risks and accidents, on the swings or off, or any other problems with this product are solely the responsibility of the purchaser and not the company (me). The sole intent of Swing Therapy is to help oneself and others to get their heads screwed on a little straighter or tighter or unscrewed a little bit, by various kinds of swinging exercises.

“Peace! Be still!“ Jesus